Multipurpose Playground Vlachovice

Realization: 2020

Multipurpose Playground Vlachova Lhota

Realization: 2020

Reconstruction of the city swimming pool Rakovník – building modifications and extension

Realization: 2019

Rekonstruktion ZUŠ Uherské Hradiště

Realization: 2018

Completion and construction work of the Elementary School in Prague – Dablice

Realization: 2017

Construction completion and modifications of the building on 28. Rijna 1 for the city library, Sumperk

Realization: 2016

Prague ZOO, Troja – Technical facilities

Realization: 2016/2017

Reconstruction of the staff canteen in Mazanka, Prague

Realization: 2015/2016

Surf Arena Prague Letnany

Realization: 2015

Construction of a new pavilion of Military Forensic Medicine and Pathology – Center of Forensic Medicine, Prague

Realization: 2014/2015

Kindergarten V Zahradkach – construction of a new building, Prague

Realization: 2014/2015

Reconstruction of shop floor HOPA CZ s.r.o., Divnice

Realization: 2014/2015